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My kid is addicted to gaming, San Clemente, CA

BILY has been there every step of the way!

I've benefitted tremendously from the supportive staff, leaders, and fellow parents at BILY for several years now. They've helped me look at my parenting, talk through issues regarding my son (and our family system), and support me through major decisions regarding my son's care. From his eighth grade, when I didn't even know what the exact problem was or what to do about an increasing level of challenges, to making positive changes and setting more realistic boundaries, through to where I am now--my son is at a residential treatment center out of state and he's 16 years old. BILY's been with me every step of the way.

I continue to need reminders about the principles of good parenting, namely putting myself and my needs first, communication, a realistic family life, and more. The tenets of BILY and the resources remind us to remain present. It's a blessing to have a group of people who understand the kinds of heart-and gut-wrenching experiences and situations parents with children who struggle with addiction and mental health and residential treatment placements are going through. Support through tough choices and talking through and processing of the feelings and emotions and grief which are a part of letting go and trusting the process are essential.

Thank you BILY!

I hope they are around for years to come to help all the parents and families in need.

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