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My kid is addicted to gaming, San Clemente, CA

It is incredible what this organization was able to do for our thankful!

We don’t know what we would have done without BILY. Before attending any meetings we would fight about how to deal with our son who was in his early 20s. He didn’t live with us but also wasn’t self-sufficient. He wasn’t holding down a steady job and kept asking for money which we gave. Well, one of us gave, hence the fighting between us.

BILY got us on the same page. They taught us the benefits of not enabling our son and to keep calm and loving when saying no to him. It took months for us(our fault, not theirs) to come around to this approach but every meeting we would get a little closer.

We encourage parents with children of all ages to come to this group if they need or think they might help. It can be a challenge to carve out the time during an already stressful stage of life but the rewards are beyond measure. We ended up attending many BILY meetings because we couldn’t pass on the weekly dose of wisdom we received even when our son was on his way to being on a good path.

We’re happy to say our son is on his own now and doing well. We are forever grateful to BILY and the concepts they teach. Our group leaders were especially outstanding. If you are struggling with a defiant child (young or old), please try to make it to a meeting if there is one near you. We’ve seen many parents come to their first meeting torn apart with a hopeless look in their eyes, us included. Even after the first session, you can physically see hope begin to return. They realize they aren’t alone and there’s comfort in confiding with other parents who are also going through a difficult time with their kids. The tips and tools are universal for improving your relationships but BILY also does a fantastic job helping you with your specific situation.

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